• DDO appears in RL

    It has happened! Was on a trip when I spotted the attached. So it seems a plane-travelling group of Warforged has set up at this museum …   Enjoy! Chris  

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  • Long AFK again !!!!

    Well took the laptop in for a service (2 weeks ago!!) as it’s not charging. They’ve still not fixed it so not sure when I’ll be back on line 🙁 Have a good Christmas all and happy hunting.   Gaza

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  • Congratulation to our first ee Deathwyrm completion

    Congratulations   I want to congratulate everyone who participated in helping us complete our first ee Deathwyrm, from Legend who organized it to Lightning who expertly healed everyone he could reach to those who couldnt make it last night but had been with us on …

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  • DDO update 21

    Update 21

    The Legendary Halls For more information: DDO Update 21 Release notes: Update 21 named items: Stand-alone quest: The Haunted Halls of Eveningstar Shadow Under Thunderholme (The Thunder Peaks) contents: Wilderness area: The Ruins of Thunderholme Two new raids: Fire on Thunder Peak, Temple of the …

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  • Update 20

    Update 20

    For more information visit: DDO Official Update 20 Release notes: Wiki Named Items page: Highlights from the release notes posted on Tuesday, November 12th, 2013. New Free Quests Two new quests are now available! These quests are free for all players! A Study in Sable …

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  • DDO Update 19

    Update 19!

    Update 19 is here with allot of changes! Shadowfell Conspiracy Shadowfell Conspiracy includes 10 Quests and 2 Wilderness Areas in addition to the 1 prelude quest. Two New Forgotten Realms Adventure Packs Iconic Heroes The Enhancements System Revamp Level Cap Increase to 28 Stealth System …

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  • Gianthold Update 17

    Update 17!

    Update 17 is coming this week (or so they say!) Heroic Gianthold – Explore the updated quests and wilderness area of Gianthold in heroic difficulty. Visual updates and a revised story will take you deeper into the myth and legend of Gianthold Tor. With the …

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  • Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Have a merry christmas and a jolly holiday! 🙂

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  • Website Live DDO

    New website live!

    Hey all, thank you for all your patience with the moving. I think its all sorted. Let me know if you find something that isnt working. There are a few things that I still want to add, edit etc. but that will just get done …

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  • Dungeons Dragons Online Stormreach 20110405004342544 3426978

    Welcome to the new Spellswords site!

    Welcome! I have been talking about doing a new site for ages, and finally I put some time aside to do it.  It is still a work in progress, I am working with several new plugins and working through the site to improve the experience. …

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