• Ryan replied to the topic Which ePLs? in the forum General 3 weeks, 5 days ago

    Cheers for the replies.

    Ive decided to finish of Epic Completionist for now as that was my original plan.

    As for Corazons final life? Its so far into the future that I couldnt really say tbh. The only thing Im sure of is that it won’t be melee.

  • Ryan started the topic Mantrax DC Lock in the forum General 3 weeks, 5 days ago

    Hello all

    Im posting Mantraxs’ current build as a few people have asked me about it.

    It’s a wall of text Im afraid – I intended it to be just a description of the build, but along the way I got a bit carried away and it became a bit of a tome.

    It’s a DC caster Warlock using Soul Eater/ Tainted Scholar enhancements, running in Exalted Angel…[Read more]

  • As we have had a few new joiners in recent times I thought I would post about the weekend early morning dailies that are run.

    Every Saturday and Sunday morning from about 0545 UK time I run a set of dailies that anyone is welcome to join.
    I dont mind doing the occasional EE run but the key thing to remember is that these are EN/ EH dailies.

    Im…[Read more]

  • Ryan started the topic Which ePLs? in the forum General 1 month ago

    Hello all

    Im in the process of making long term plans looking for some thoughts on ePLs to take on Corazon.

    I cant decide on whether to finish off Epic Completionist or go for multiple stacks of a single sphere.

    My reasoning is Im eventually going to want to do some Racial PLs so Epic Completionist isn’t really going to benefit me but m…[Read more]

  • Ryan replied to the topic Advice/Suggestions Needed in the forum General 1 month ago

    Hello Dave.

    A very informative write up by Cat which pretty much covers everything you need to know.

    A key part of grouping for me is knowing what the other people (and their alts) in the group can do so you can alter your playstyle accordingly – this is easy in Guild runs as we are all pretty much familiar with one another and the play s…[Read more]

  • Ryan replied to the topic High skull tanking in the forum General 1 month ago

    I guessed your Dps would be low, but wasnt sure, as I dont have any LGS so didnt know if it offered some stellar spell power to make up for your class split and US stance.

    I always run in Shiradi when soloing because like you say hopping about is a good way to avoid getting hit.

    When grouping R4 then I tend to switch to US and timmy-turtle. I…[Read more]

  • Ryan replied to the topic High skull tanking in the forum General 1 month ago

    Hello Grug.

    As Warlocks go I’d say yours is pretty Tanky ☺
    Definately more Tanky than mine.

    How well does he perform solo from a speed vs dps point of view as I often solo Mists quests for gear (plus Reaper XP) when no one else is about?

    Im talking of the boss fights really as these are the what take the most time (unless I want to chug majors…[Read more]

  • Ryan replied to the topic High skull tanking in the forum General 1 month, 1 week ago

    Cheers for the reply Leg.

    Some useful info to think about.

  • Ryan started the topic High skull tanking in the forum General 1 month, 1 week ago

    Hello all

    Forgive the format – I wrote this in word then sent it to my phone to post as Im in work and are restricted as to what websites we can view.

    A quick question about Auralocks tanking in Reaper 5 and upwards.

    For the record, I’ve never ran higher than R5, so I lack any experience in high Skull Reapers hence this post.

    We all know tha…[Read more]

  • Signing up pls.

    Will bring an alt for Velah – either Soul or Nannabot as both need to get capped.

  • Hello Furiyen

    One option to swap in (depending on the group you’re in at the time) could be Legendary Fear Gaze. You are after all a walking tin-can turret 😉

    It has a nice bit of intim on that item and if you’re questing with me it’ll stop poor old Corazon from getting beaten on like a Piñata


    On a serious note, providing you can get…[Read more]

  • It seemed that locating the brides was a bit of an issue last night.

    Perhaps have someone intim them and hold them in a designated spot.

    At higher difficulties, if they have a lot more HPs than they currently have, maybe an auralock can burst them down a bit whilst fulfilling this role.

    Obviously this depends on a lot of factors that we dont yet know.

  • I prob wont be around for the first, but I’ll try and be there for the second and will make extra effort to stay awake for the third.

  • Hello Korv.

    On Corazon I did my second and third Monk lives as Monkchers (pre imbue nerf) and had a blast.
    For my final Fighter life (post nerf)I went 8Ftr 6Mnk 6Rgr and didnt get on with it as I felt it was a bit lacklustre due to the lack of embues.

    That being said, I built it wrong – I built it as a pre nerf with lots of Wis for CC using…[Read more]

  • Ryan started the topic Sentient question in the forum General 2 months, 1 week ago


    I havent had any time to get online since the update so thought Id ask here.

    According to Wiki the jewels are BTA.

    If I slot the jewel into a BTCoE wep that hasnt been worn it remains BTA after being slotted with the jewel.

    If I understand this correctly I should then be able to pass that jewel equipped weapon to each of my mules that…[Read more]

  • Ryan replied to the topic The thief Babynoobs in the forum General 2 months, 1 week ago

    This clears up something I was wondering about a few weeks ago.

    I went to drop a couple of scrolls and a slotted item in the chests and noticed they had been emptied – at the time I assumed it was just a tidy up that happens from time to time and thought nothing more of it.

    I’ll get a message to The Fellowship to warn them if it hasnt already been done.

  • Ryan replied to the topic New PC build (Self-Build) in the forum General 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Thats a very nice machine you’re building Jimmy, very nice indeed – I shudder to think of the cost of it lol.

    Good luck with the build

  • I might be around although Corazon is only L25.
    Im also Shroud flagged this life.

  • Will try and be around for the first providing I flag between now and 19:30.

    Too low a level and not flagged for the others.

  • Ryan replied to the topic Final Barbarian life thoughts in the forum General 4 months ago

    Cheers for the replies gents.

    Going pure is a nice simple approach.

    I didnt realise Thunderholme and Orchard gave so much XP

    I might need to rethink the way I level as I usually just grind out dailies and use Thunderholme and Orchard to speed up the last couple of levels.

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