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    Hi All,

    Back in March before I stopped playing for a while I enjoyed my Paladin THF character a great deal, but often lamented at the lack of HP and his general survivability outside of being able to stun stuff.

    So when I came back to the game for Ravenloft, and an ESOS-Swinging-Aasimar-Paladin-Angel-of-Death, I wanted to completely refocus on what makes a Paladin great and take the ‘all or nothing’ approach over its greatest assets.

    To me, when run Pure, a THF Paladin does the following things:

    – DPS through Critical Hits – Exalted Smite
    – AoE DPS – KotC Cleaves and Holy Retribution
    – Soak-based Defense – Lots of PRR and HP, Great saves
    – Fantastic Self-healing – Great Heal Amp, LoH, CSW
    – Great Utility – All three Raise spells and high UMD

    Maximising these areas means I’m running 20 Paladin in Unyielding Sentinal full time, and doing everything to push what the advantages of playing a Paladin can bring. Regenerating Exalted Smites, Regenerating Holy Retribution / DM, Regenerating LoHs & Healing Hands, +50% to HP Pool etc etc.

    I’ve deliberately stayed away from Tactics in this build. Paladins do have huge amounts of strength to power tactics, but then they run out of steam – no enhancements or feats to really support taking tactics. Unless they are a Vanguard build, but this isn’t a Vanguard build 🙂

    My ‘Want’ list is basically:

    – Strength, Constitution, Charisma, Wisdom
    – Melee Speed / Deadly / Doublestrike / Armour Piercing
    – PRR, more PRR and even more PRR
    – MRR, more MRR and even more MRR
    – HP, Heal Amp, Devotion SP
    – Saves, Avoidance, Striding

    What I came up with is the following:

    Armour: Platemail of the Celestial Avenger
    Helmet: CC Wis +15, Spellsight +22, Ins MRR +18
    Goggles: LegGS +70HP
    Bracers: Leg Lore-Fueled Packbanner
    Gloves: Molten Silver Gauntlets
    Boots: Cerulean Guard
    Belt: SL – Str +17, Saves +14, Tendon Slice 15%, Quality PRR +11
    Cloak: Leg Mantle of Fury
    Necklace: SL – Cha +17, Devotion 185, Heal +22, Quality MRR +11
    Ring 1: Leg Ring of Power
    Ring 2: Leg Ring of Prowess
    Trinket: Bloodrage Chrism
    Sets Completed – Slave Lords 3 Piece Set

    Which gives me the following:
    Str +17, Qua +4 (Ins Str via DM)
    Con +19, Ins +9
    Cha +17, Ins +2
    Wis +15, Ins +2

    Melee Speed 15%, Striding 30%
    Dstrike +23, Ins +10%, Qua +4%, Profane +10%
    Armour Pierce +32%, Ins +13%
    Deadly +16, Accuracy +28, Tendon Slice

    PRR +50, Ins +22, Qua +11
    MRR +46, Ins +18, Qua +11
    HP +40, Ins +28, Qua +14, Profane +28, Vitality +20
    Heal Amp 83%
    Devotion 185, Heal Skill +22, Angelic Grace

    Saves +14, Ins +8, Luck +2
    Prot AC +14, Ins +8, Natural +8
    Fortification 160%, Blurry 20%, Dodge 19% (Capped at 14%)

    There’s a couple of spots where I’ve duplicated effects, and my boots being a swap slot only loses me a little AC and PRR with this setup, but I can’t see any other way of improving it to fit all of this in.

    What am I missing? Ghostly, a Ravenloft set, Qua Con, Profane Stats, Reaper Stats on Helmet, Insight Fortification….

    So, suggestions welcome!



    I’ve found that divine crusader is really good for a paladin, as sentinel more or less only brings survival and very little dps. I only use sentinel on my tank.

    I dont know what he has in doublestrike without logging in, but it is high and he has over 200 in PRR, 2100 hp in reaper (atm only 10 reaper points), and a reliable stun with dire charge. He never runs out of divine might due to regenerating turns, and consecration ground gives good healing and dps to him and his party members.

    He has twisted in momentum swing and lay waste, as well as legendary tactics, dragonhide and rejuvenating cocoon.

    Gear-wise I went with the following:

    Head: Legendary Executioner’s Helm – Insightful Deception +7/11, Relentless Fury, Seeker 17, Quality Combat Mastery +4, Green Augment Slot ()

    Neck: Legendary Greensteel – HP set, Unconcious range-healing

    Trinket: Bloodrage Chrism – Healing Amplification +83, Calamitous Blows, Rune-fueled Warding, Unnatural, Blue Augment Slot (), Green Augment Slot ()

    Goggles: Legendary Greensteel – HP set, Acid resistance

    AM Bracers: Bracers of the Fallen Hero – Strength +19, Insightful Constitution +9, Stunning +22, Quality Physical Sheltering +12, Green Augment Slot ()

    Armour: Platemail of the Celestial Avenger – +13 Enhancement Bonus, Fortification +159%, Quality Doublestrike 4%, Parrying +7/14, Sheltering +38, Blurry, Deathblock IX, Angelic Grace, Blue Augment Slot, Green Augment Slot

    AM Cloak: Mantle of Fury – Constitution +19, Raging Resilience, Doublestrike +22, Dodge +19%, Green Augment Slot ()

    AM Belt: Vistani Fighter’s Sash – Stunning +22, Vertigo +22, Vitality +67, Deadly +16, Yellow Augment Slot ()

    AM Gloves: Gauntlets of Innate Arcanum – Charisma +19, Evocation Focus +8, Quality Charisma +4, Wizardry +412, Yellow Augment Slot ()

    AM Boots: Fleetfoot Greaves – Freedom of Movement, Speed +30%, Natural Armor Bonus +19, Reflex Saves +16, Yellow Augment Slot ()

    Ring1: (Spell critical: Positive Lore 23, Spellpower: Devotion 159, Ability: Insightful Charisma 7)

    Ring2: Legendardy Chains of Wisdom +17, Resistance +14, Intimidate +22, Quality Constitution +4

    He has the Adherent of the Mist set giving him:

    +20 Profane Bonus to Physical Resistance Rating.
    +20 Profane Bonus to Positive, Negative, and Repair Healing Amplification
    +10 Profane Bonus to Melee and Ranged Power.
    +20 Profane Bonus to Universal Spell Power.

    Just to note some things:

    The Legendary Executioner’s Helm from slavers is the best in slot for any melee/ranged dps.

    2 legendary shroud items for hp will give you the extra hp you need, allowing you to use a much better destiny than sentinel.

    Self healing in reaper is pointless unless you are a cleric, druid or favoured soul. You can easily heal others though, allowing them to heal you. If you only plan to solo ee’s, then it doesnt take much to stay alive once you have the PRR up.



    Hello Furiyen

    One option to swap in (depending on the group you’re in at the time) could be Legendary Fear Gaze. You are after all a walking tin-can turret 😉

    It has a nice bit of intim on that item and if you’re questing with me it’ll stop poor old Corazon from getting beaten on like a Piñata


    On a serious note, providing you can get your intim high enough, being able to control mobs can be extremely useful in Reaper quests and any raids.



    Interesting thoughts – thanks guys!



    This is what I’m using currently, granting both AoM and KoS set bonus. Should work with THF. My biggest concern with this is the loss of MRR and Heal Amp, but I’ve gained alot of PRR.

    Legendary Platemail of the Barovian Lord; Fort 202, Parry 9, PRR 50, profAll 2, Blue: Protection 8
    Legendary Executioner’s Helm; Insightful Deception +7/11, Relentless Fury, Seeker 17, Quality Combat Mastery +4, Green – GotIB
    Legendary Feargaze; Linguistics 10, Intimi 22, iInitimi 11, qIncite 13, Green: Golems
    Legendary Bracers of the Fallen Hero; iCON 9, STR 19, stun 22, qPRR 12, green: ArmorAgility+2
    Legendary Gauntlets of Innate Arcanum; CHA 19, evocation 8, qCHA 4, wizardry 412, yellow: iCHA 2
    Legendary Plateshard Belt; CON 19, Fortitude 16, Incite 59, iIncite 27, Yellow: Poison 10
    Legendary Fleetfoot Greaves; FoM, Speed 30%, NatArmro 19, Reflex 16, Yellow: Dex 8
    Legendary Mantle of Fury; DS 22, Raging resil.4F, CON 19, Dodge 19, Green: WIS 8
    Legendary Pendant of the Warrior’s Focus;  Insightful Combat Mastery +6, Doublestrike 7%, Armor-Piercing – 21%, Insightful Fortitude Save +5, Blue: Goodluck 2
    Legendary Ring of Prowess; Melee power 8, Ranged power 8, Deadly +14, Accuracy +28, Green – Draconic
    Legendary Cursebane Ring; iCurse Res 7, Vitality 67, qMRR 12, Deathblock, Green: Falselife 40
    Legendary Planar Compass; Insightful Physical Sheltering +18, Quality Magical Sheltering +9, Ghostly, Insightful Fortitude Save +5, Green: Resistance 8



    That said, Im gonna farm some Crypt Raider items, only use KoS if need to be a semi-tank. The CR raid trinket would be awesome for you 😬

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