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    When I started checking the guild chests this morning to see if there where anything that should be moved to another chest I found the small chest in cargo hold emptied of all items again.

    I checked it last time before I logged off last night so I knew it had to have been done by someone that had been online since then.

    When I looked in the guildlist I saw that Babyspyce had been online 7 hours before. I thought I had expelled all of Babynoobs’s characters, but I must have missed this one. I am sorry for that, and have looked through the guildlist without finding any more Baby characters now.

    I just wanted to post this so everyone knows that this person is not welcome in Spellswords anymore.



    This clears up something I was wondering about a few weeks ago.

    I went to drop a couple of scrolls and a slotted item in the chests and noticed they had been emptied – at the time I assumed it was just a tidy up that happens from time to time and thought nothing more of it.

    I’ll get a message to The Fellowship to warn them if it hasnt already been done.



    Is that the scroll chest? I put some DD scrolls and a Death Aura scroll in there just yesterday.



    Thank the Gods he’s gone (again), he was a Babyknob!



    Lisa was a bit too chummy with him, perhaps they have arranged a 50/50 split!



    Let me just add that we have suspected him before, as the chest has been emptied before. But then it was not obvious as it was now that it must have been him.

    I have absolute trust in every other member of the guild that had been logged in between last night and this morning.



    Nah I’m only getting a 25% cut, Leg, I’m not greedy!



    Was this the reason for his kick out or did he do anything else?
    I found him/her very offensive and not fitting into our guild, so i decided to not chat with him/her any more.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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