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    I was asked how I planned in two sets, Silent Avenger and Adherent of the Mists, on Tarl. Here it is (AM is for Adherent of the Mists set, while SA is for Silent Avenger).

    Head: Legendary Executioner’s Helm: Insightful Deception +7/11, Relentless Fury, Seeker 17, Quality Combat Mastery +4, Green Augment Slot

    AM Necklace: Fleetfoot Necklace – Superior Reinforced Fists, Feat: Wind Through the Trees, Natural Armor +20, Wisdom +20, Yellow Augment Slot (), Green Augment Slot ()

    AM Trinket: Echo of Ravenkind – Eternal Holy Burst, True Seeing, Constitution +20, Improved Deception, Yellow Augment Slot, Green Augment Slot ()
    (Swap: Pale Lavender Iouns Stone & Magestar)

    AM Goggles: Van Richten’s Spectacles – Dexterity +20, Reflex Save +16, Doubleshot 12%, Magical Sheltering +52, Blue Augment Slot (), Green Augment Slot ()

    AM Bracers: Bracers of the Fallen Hero – Strength 19, Insightful Constitution +9, Stunning +22, Quality Physical Sheltering +12, Green Augment Slot ()

    SA Armour: Mist-laden Vestment Light Armor – Fortification +202%, Parrying +9, Physical Sheltering +50, Profane Well Rounded +2, Green Augment Slot ()

    SA Cloak: Legendary Shadowhail Cloak – Hide +22, Move Silently +22, Deception +16, Ghostly, Green Augment Slot

    SA Belt: Legendary Braided Cutcord – Quality Dodge +4%, Blurry, Dexterity +19, Quality Dexterity +4, Green Augment Slot ()

    Gloves: Hasty 17 Gloves of Healing Amp 61 with Insightful Stunning 8

    AM Ring1: Ring of Nightfall – Insightful Intelligence +9, Insightful Deadly +7, Reflex Saves +16, Physical Sheltering +50, Green Augment Slot ()

    Ring2: Legendary Ring of Prowess – Melee Power +8, Ranged Power +8, Deadly 14, Accuracy 28, Green Augment Slot ()

    Boots: Boots of Blessed Travels (Boots): Dodge +12%, Quality Armor Mastery +2, Speed XV, Freedom of Movement, Insightful Reflex Save +3, Green Augment Slot, Yellow Augment Slot



    Tnx Jan.

    If I where to try this I would have to loose the ring of prowess, and make a new slavers ring with intelligence, either deadly or accuracy, spot and quality int.

    Loosing the ring of prowess hurts, but I still think it would be a net gain.

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