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    Dragon up to no good. Group of heroes must stop her to save the world and recieve loot with their wits, brawn and Simon Says skills.

    Minimum Requirements:

    Standard requirements for raids.
    At least 50% electricity absorbtion and 30 resistance.
    The ability to memorise up to 5 sequences of runes in a 3×3 square.

    Optimal Setup for the Raid:

    Whatever you think is optimal for your character. There is a lot of electric damage in this raid so Electric Absorption is essential and High Magic Resistance Rating will make things a lot easier.

    Sources of Electric Absorption are (Atheok, Shields + Elemental Absorption: How do they stack?, DDO Forums, 22.03.2017):

    1. 50% from Energy Sheath in the Draconic Incarnation Epic Destinies Tree (Tier 1). 30% while blocking in the Unyelding Sentinel Tree (Tier 2) and 15% from Elemental Absorption in the Shiradi Champion Epic Destiny Tree (Tier 4).

    2. 33% Ring of the Djinn (good alternative if you do not have a cannith crafter) or Cannith Crafted Trinket or Cannith Crafter Cloak with 38% Electric Absorption (prefix or suffix for trinket, just prefix for cloak), 57 Resist Electric Damage (prefix or suffix for trinket, just suffix for cloak) and 28 Insightful Resist Electric Damage (just on Trinket Bonus Slot, on cloak you could craft Insightful Magical Resistance).

    Use this planner for Cannith Crafting: http://ccplaner.esy.es (Thanks Dag!).

    3. 45% Heroic Green Steel Weapon (T1 – 10% elec. abs., T2 – 15% elec. abs., T3 – 20%. elec abs.) if you can fit it. Use this for GS Crafting: http://ddocrafting.info/hgs/.

    Protection from Elements: Electric is also very good as while the debuffs drain your magic resistance rating and electric resistance the amount always stays the same.

    General Strategies:

    We start in a shady room with a memory puzzle on each side. If you are a new player it is best to request to do these puzzles to the Raid Leader as it is a good safe place to train. The puzzle consists in pulling a lever and memorising a sequence of three runes, then four then five and repeating it. For example after pulling the lever the first sequence can be 1, 7 and 9, you have to use rune 1, 7 and 9 to move to the 2nd sequence that can have 5, 4, 7 and 4 etc. It becomes a bit more complicated when you are further in and you get lightning bolts that either obstruct your view or interrupt your using of a rune. To avoid the first stand to the side of the puzzle, to avoid the second be patient when clicking.

    Note: The puzzles on the side must be both completed in a certain interval or they reset.

    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9

    Afterwards we will use a portal that takes us to the antechamber of a large arena with a platform in the center where we must kill Skeleton Giants and a named Skeleton Giant King (Forgotten Storm King). Usually we split them up (if they are too close to each other they heal to full hp) and focus the S. Giant Archers, then the Storm Priests and then the King.

    We enter the arena where we must solve three pairs of puzzles (one N, E and W) and kill skeletons that spawn. After doing this air jets will activate that will take us to the platform where we will fight a Dragon intent on ending the world. To make things easier we all stack up on each other to either the right or left side of the dragon and do our thing (dps, heal, mitigate etc.).

    The Dragon (Kor Kaza) will do the following things:

    1. Wing Buffet you off the platform (you avoid this by shield blocking when the dragon turns to a side to do a tail whip). If you are kicked off, run back up.

    2. Spawn Air Elementals. They must be slain (They randomly assign stacks to people). Usually a caster is assigned to this role of Air Elemental Slayer.

    3. Spawn white circles that cause electric damage. Do not stand in white circles.

    At 50% the Dragon flies off, starts an electric storm and side corridors unlock to a new area where we get more puzzles! Yay!?! From now on we will randomly get a charge of an Electric Debuff (has an icon that looks like the Wizard Spell Shocking Grasp) We split up in a West and East Team. And move clockwise if West and counter-clockwise if you are East unlocking puzzles, solving puzzles and resetting our charges while killing skeletons (they randomly give people stacks). All over the new area you will find two type of runes: runes with pillars and runes without pillars. You can use either runes to reset your charges but the runes with pillars have an extra role of unlocking rooms with precious puzzles. These puzzles once solved do not reset. Moving as a TEAM you solve each of those tasks.

    We sometimes also go as one group. This method seems to be safer and easier.

    After solving all these puzzles the storm stops and the Dragon returns. Kill and enjoy your shinies!





    nice write up Cat, thnx.



    HI Cat,

    Nice walkthrough, very helpful.
    If only I had read before Tuesday raid!




    Hey Cat,

    Thank you for the all the info that you’ve just shared. Since i wasn’t around for quite a while i didn’t know the tactics for the raid. This surely will come in handy.



    A pleasure! I am happy you guys found it useful!

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