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    Hello Swords

    Corazons just hit 20 and Im running in Legendary Dred

    Ive twisted in Sense Weakness, Grim Precision and Cocoon – that seemed the most sensible options to me.

    Just wanted to check Im not missing anything obvious.

    Question about Diplo.

    I never needed it in Heroics but Im sure I will in Epic/ Legendary Elite so I can lose aggro as chasing a kited mob is no fun for a melee.

    I dont know what my Diplo is but Ive put points into it at every level. Assuming self GH buff will this be enough or will I need a Cha item and a Diplo item to be effective?

    Also, it it a single target effect or an AoE?

    Would a good strategy be to first use Bluff to halt a mob then Diplo straight after (mayne throw in an Uncanny Dodge just in case)?

    Finally, whilst grouped in Heroics Ive alway started shooting as soon as I see a mob as I can either kill or nearly kill before they reach the group. In EE and up I suspect this may not be the case. Is it better to wait on melees to build up aggro before firing?




    Are you melee or ranged? If ranged, then I’d suggest pin instead of sense weakness (as long as you use a boost in LD, you get +50% damage to helpless opponents while any Action Boost is active).

    Diplo is an aoe to every eligible target within range (not very long range). In order for it to be effective, you need it as high as possible. That means boosting charisma as well as the actual skill to get it working in elite and reaper difficulty.

    Diplomacy share cooldown with bluff, so you cant use diplo and bluff back to back.

    If you shoot a mob in a group, you will get entire group of mobs aggroed on you, including any nearby groups of mobs as well. If you are grouped, it is always best to let a melee or a CC:er to do the initial move, then once the mobs are active you can start to shoot at them. Just remember to pin them (and/or use other cc attacks to slow down mobs).



    Thanks for the info Jan.

    Much appreciated



    A lot of your DPS as a pure rogue comes from sneak attacks, so as Jan says, on higher difficulties you definately want to let some else take aggro before you start shooting at mobs.

    You do not have to wait that long either, as soon as you see mobs start moving you can shoot them. As Jan says, attack with pin and leg shot, and also make sure you have both tendon slice and insigthful tendon slice on items. That will be very useful in slowing down mobs, so even if you do get aggro the melee’s will be able to easily hit mobs as they are trying to move. And few things are as satisfying as watching a pinned kobold trying to jump 😀

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