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    Flav, Legends point is that in the content your character would be able to tank a tank is not needed and irrelevant.

    I dont remember if you where there, a Saturday a few weeks ago we did Fall of truth on 1 skull reaper, and I tanked the stormreaver on Dragavon, with hardly any problems. Dragavon is in no way built or equpped as a tank, just a solid character with solid gear. I dont think Measse would be able to do that without some serious work, both on equipment, build, and character development (past lives).

    It is not a question about 10 skull reaper, it is about beeing able to tank for example elite / 1 skull Deathwyrm or Thunder peaks. If you want to do that then you have to invest in both good gear and good build.

    If you dont want or can spend time and effort enough on it just rebuild as a kensai, with some solid gear and a solid build you can contribute well in raids.

    But if you want a useful tank where a tank is needed then you have to put some effort into it.

    The best advice we can give you is to find / help you with a solid build, then you do an epic reincarnation and follow it. If you do that and get some decent gear I dare say you will get a character you will enjoy playing, and will do what you want it to.

    But the current build has to be scrapped, it is a complete mess.



    Mayakor’s suggestion for gear is what tanks go for now. If you want to tank in mainly epic elites, then more or less any gear goes, as long as you cover the normal bases (HP [constitution, ins constitution, false life, vitality], AC, PRR, MRR, saves, intimidate, balance). These can be random loot, cannith crafted or named, doesnt really matter from where, as anything goes really.

    From your current feat choices, I’d say that you can go vanguard + stalwart or vanguard + kensei + stalwart (for stance) with bastard sword, or kensei + stalwart for two-handed fighting with your epic sos. You dont need a shield to be tanky for non-reaper content though, you can do that while swinging a two-handed weapon without problem (and while being in divine crusader or legendary dreadnought). All it takes is some AC, PRR, MRR and intimidate skill to tank, while swinging away.

    Before reaper came out, Denthar was often tanking in legendary dreadnought as there was no need for the extra defenses that unearthly sentinel gave. His feat choices was more geared for dps, as there wasnt really any need for alot of the defensive feats. All it took was a tower shield really to tank, as well as knowing how to move when tanking etc.


Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 15 total)

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