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    After Pimp the Kender I have a new pimping scheme… Pimp Measse.

    Seeing how the Pimp The Kender thread wanted to go into build here is Measse build.

    She’s supposed to be a tank. (Fighter 20, Stalwart (main) and Vanguard,)
    I can get you screenies of the trees and andhencaments if neeeded, she’s based on a build I caught on The Vault or on The Main Forum. (without all the TR obviously)

    here is what she is wearing right now :
    Head : Deadly +9 Narural Armor +9
    Neck : Pendant of the Stormreaver ( I never said she had relevant gear )
    Trinket : Idol of Fortune
    Cloak : Wis +9 200 SP
    Belt : STR +8 Seeker +9
    Ring 1 : Dex +9 Doege +9
    Ring 2 ;: Con + 9 HP +50
    Glove ! Nether GRasps
    Boots : Feather FAll, Swim +10
    Bracers : Armor +10, Speed +30
    Armor : Shadow Dragonplate Armor
    Goggles : free slot

    I need to check on the weapons/shields just consider them on par with the rest of the equipement… Well she has an Epic SoS….

    What can be done : Cannith crafting, Blacklock is at LV 327ish.
    Legendary Greensteel crafting… you don’t want to know the level of hoarding
    Other Crafting, I cna probably cover it, unless it’s Slave and a few recent things… did I mention hoarding ?

    if you want it, I’ll put the complete feat and enhancement list (screenshots).



    Is this an old thread as you seem to have gear from 3 years ago! :-0

    Relevant Info would be any dc in build etc… your best bet would be to detail type of build and then do an equipment list yourself, people can then make suggestions.

    If the build can’t get in the region of minimum 2.5k hp, 300prr then forget the tank route.



    you can check the screenshots :
    I knew it was going to be build and build and build…

    Feats :

    Enhancements + Stats :


    note : that I was in Draconic LVL 1 when I made them.

    Edit : fixed the path to the files



    Doesnt seem like your screenshots got uploaded, Flav. I checked and I couldnt find any of them.



    Fixed the links.

    Base values for the stats :
    STR : 20
    DEX : 13
    CON : 19
    INT : 11
    WIS : 8
    CHA : 8
    ( that includes the points every 4 Level )



    Would lesser tr, turn it mainly into a Kensai with splash of Stalwart to get best defence abils.

    Problem is with a tank you need to go all out with the build, anything less and a normal pally etc.. could tank exactly same as you but they would also have dps.

    A Kensai build would be more useful to a party.



    erm, we are supposed to talk about gears, to fit the current build, towards an eventual goal… not to rebuild and be back at step one : talk gears to fir the build towards a goal.



    You are on step 2?!!!

    Just because you have stalwart does not make you an effective tank, the majority of feats you have chosen actually relate to a kensai build, I cant even see any heavy armor feats! presume is a v old build.

    You could turn that into a kensai dps toon and have about the same amount of tanking/defensive ability as you would have had anyway with enhancements, the overall build is all wrong for a tank.

    Or if you want to be a tank first step is to lesser tr, max your con and put points in at every 4 levels, choose the correct feats and decide if you want a bit of vanguard dc in there for stunning and craft accordingly.

    Tanks have changed a great deal in ddo recently, they take a lot of gear/build/past life investment to be effective, average tanks are just not needed anymore as you just wont survive anything worth doing and won’t be required for anything easier, they are about as useful as a pet.

    No gear will help the current build become an effective tank, just a slightly less awful tank, advice is to respec. it and have it do what you intend.

    Please don’t state how the thread is just about gear, you have asked gear for a specific build ‘a tank’ therefore the build and gear are both relevant, if anything the build is a lot more important.

    Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind 🙂



    Well Flav, if you really only want to focus on gear atm and ignore the rest, I guess I can at least recommend some things for your tank:

    Get a full five set Slavers-set with Slave`s Endurance.
    A more specific recommendation for five-piece set as follows:

    Trinket: Legendary Symbol of Slave Lords(with mythic and crafted set-bonus)
    Head: Legendary Hardened Hide(with mythic and crafted set-bonus)
    Cloak: Legendary Slave Master’s Cloak(with mythic and crafted set-bonus)
    Two crafted rings: Con +17, Resistance +14, Intimidate +22, Q. PRR +11, Mythic +1, Endurance Set Bonus/Cha +17, Balance +22, Q.Fort +45%, Mythic +1, Endurance Set Bonus
    Armour: Legendary Executioner’s Platemail

    Some kind of cannith-crafted planeforged tower shield, for instance with false life +57 and insightful intimidate +11, would also be good.



    As for Green Steel and other options, it is much harder to make specific recommendations, but you should at least probably make a weapon with triple positive(so it gets Affirmation) and healing amplification at all tiers.

    Looking at your current feats…why do you have Two Handed Fighting and Improved Two Handed Fighting if you intend to be a Vanguard and use shield?




    I think you’re missing the whole point.
    I don’t want to be able to follow you in Reaper 10 or whatever, I’m asking for advices about gears to be able to have more fun.

    It should be obvious that I cannot follow Uber Epic builds and such as most of my characters are first life, and I have no intention to devote the time and the money to make them multi-TR min maxed, pigeonholed characters.

    I gave the build because, following the Pimp the Kender thread I knew you were going to ask for it, but I didn’t expect to have that thread become ‘your build won’t work in Reaper 10, change it and do something else’.



    And there we are stating the thread is only about gear!! trust me I was not even considering improving the build for even low reaper, was just trying to advise on changes to make it into something you thought it was.

    Why would you not provide the build if you are asking people to gear a build!

    If you don’t want it to be a tank by making a few simple changes and just want some improved gear for the current build then work it out yourself from cannith crafting, Celestial armor and a few named, it’s really not that hard, advice should be requested for tweaking and end game gear.

    effective obviosuly does not mean fun for you, perhaps you should take some Skill Focus:Listen feats 😉

    I must say however that I do genuinely enjoy these threads, they keep me amused.

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