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    As requested:

    Light Armor: +25
    Slavers Shelter: +45
    Insight PRR from CC: +18
    Quality PRR from Slavers: +11
    Tempest Enhancement Shield of Whirling Steel: +7
    Tempest Enhancement Dervish: +10
    Tempest Enhancement Improved Defence: +3
    Tempest Enhancement Improved Parry: +10
    Deepwood Stalker Enhancement Survivalist total: +12
    Slavers reaper items and mythic slots: +13
    Feat Deific Warding: +10
    Feat EDR: +10
    PL Brace: +3
    PL PDK: +3

    Total: 180 with 2 past lives for PRR.

    I also twist in Ephemeral Evolution, with Deific Warding and Blitzing potential max is 245.



    One more question Legend.

    As I was looking at Dragavon and what I could do to increase his PRR I rememberd that I built him for maximum dodge on the last epic reincarnation. You have taken feats for PRR, I have dodge and mobility. Dragavon’s dodge is now 33, what do you have on Najra?



    27, 55 with elab parry which can use often

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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