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    Quistris is a Wis/Con/Dex/Int build, with all the AoE, CC and Shintao tricks I can squeeze in on my third-string character who used to be a bank/crafting toon 🙂

    My build, as always, will be a little unconventional, but I can sum it up as:

    PLs: 2x Monk, 2x Ranger, 1x Rogue, 3x Martial, 1x Divine, 1x Morninglord
    TWF Chain
    Great Cleave Chain
    Whirlwind Attack Chain
    Stunning Fist
    Imp Martial Arts
    Monk Past Life feat (May change for Rogue PL Feat)
    Dire Charge, Tactician, PTWF
    Scion of Air

    42AP Shintao, 13 Henshin, 17 Ninja Spy, 8 Harper
    GMoF: Drifting Lotus Chain, EIN, DoF, Piercing Clarity Rk2, +6 Fort Saves, +6 Reflex Saves, +4 Wisdom
    Twists: Balanced Attacks, Haste Boost, Legendary Tactics, Rejuvenation Cocoon
    (If I had a 5th twist, I’d take Extra Action Boost)

    Essentially, I either Drifting Lotus or Dire Charge an AoE CC, rotate through Cleaves & Whirlwind, then follow up with further stun & Shintao Tricks. Haste Boost & Jade Strike for raw Damage output. Quivering Palm is fairly reliable, and anything that uses Stunning item bonus is 95% guarantee on everything I’ve fought against so far.

    My First Pass Gear Layout

    SA Armour: Legendary Disciple of Dawn
    CC Helmet: Sheltering +38, Resistance Saves +12, Insight PRR +18
    AM Goggles: Legendary Garstone’s Lenses
    AM Bracers: Legendary Lore-Fueled Packbanner
    CC Gloves: Doublestrike, Healing Amp, Ins Stunning (Questing)
    CC Gloves: Doublestrike, Armour Piercing, Ins Magnetism (Boss Beat Downs)
    AM Boots: Legendary Flightfoot Greaves
    SA Belt: Legendary Braided Cutcord
    SA Cloak: Legendary Shadowhail Cloak
    AM Necklace: Legendary Dawns Herald
    AM Ring: Legendary Pinnacle of Power
    Ring 2: Legendary Ring of Prowess
    CC Trinket: Constitution +15, Dodge 15%, Insight Wisdom +7

    Eventual Raid Replacements:
    ML Handwraps for Duality
    Necklace for Fleetfoot Necklace
    Goggles for Van Richten’s Spectacles (Possibly, might stick Garstone’s)

    The weaknesses in the build are really MRR and being somewhat short on HP for a DPS character, made up for with huge amounts of Dodge and ridiculous DPS. I don’t even have any of SA set yet on the build, using some stop gap items.

    When I get properly geared with the SA set, twink out my Augments, I’ll add my DPS numbers for comparisons.



    Is the magnetism for Storm Strike?



    Thanks Fur

    Build does not look unconventional, pretty much have the right feats and Enhancements chosen!

    I find this is the issue with having both sets. all goggles are pretty much useless for the mists set and what you gain from the mists you lose out a few nice abils such as spell resist and some PRR, some great abils from mist but am finding having to compromise a lot at mo.
    Think only thing I might try is the Harper route, will wait till have all required named until i decide on gear change then weigh up gains over losses, from a quick look I will lose ‘no mercy’ from Ninja Spy which is a big damage boost.

    From your set-up:

    – I find twisting in sense weakness is a massive dps boost, the big dps from a monk comes from stunning opponents, +30% extra is significant, not sure what other monks twist in as their main.
    – For me Executioners Helm is a must (I don’t see a seeker item on your build), this is added damage before multipliers so is worth it, i would not compromise on this which obviously makes fitting in relevant gear all that much harder.
    – Not sure why you have Insightful Magnetism, if this is for storm strike it is effected by MP not SP, or I might be missing something.
    – Don’t see any Int items, if have know the angles then would want to max appropriate stat.
    – MRR is maxxed at 50 anyway so a long as close not an issue, using Strahd Cloak instead of Shadowhail maxes your mrr and also means no need for other sheltering.

    DPS is so subjective, what might be ridiculus to 1 person is mediocre to others, same with dc’s and PRR, I would say my dps is good at mo with mid range gear, I know I do more damage and have around same PRR as monks who are close to their envisaged end game gear but am still quite a bit off a few others.

    All in all yours is an end game gear set-up, your BDR with duality, PRR, MP, Stun DC when fully sorted will show if a success or not, from plans am sure will be.



    “– Not sure why you have Insightful Magnetism, if this is for storm strike it is effected by MP not SP, or I might be missing something.”

    Yeah, that confused me too, I thought maybe there was a bug I didn’t know about

    Edit: Maybe for Soul of the Elements?



    I run in dreadnought and twist sense weakness, systematic strikes, a dance with flowers and cocoon.
    Not sure how you fit in the cleaves line. Whirlwind and dire are enough AOE dmg. I don’t run PA got precision as there many High Fort mobs, but maybe PA is more dps im open to be told otherwise.

    Running both sets on chrof. But gear set is pretty different to yours. Of course that will change once he gets some raid gear.



    I also don’t have the cleave line on my monk.

    I tend to run in GOF but now dont use the Drifting Lotus chain after getting feedback from some other monks in guild, EIN is basically a mass freeze now for limited time (so a dire charge), and dire works just as well as cc as drifting, I put points in other bits and have found better.

    I run with combat expertise and twist in Imp. Combat Expertise for +20PRR, also twist in sense weakness, Leg Tactics and Reju Cacc.

    At mo with the mid range gear am around 170 PRR in Water w/50% dodge over 200 PRR in earth if tanking a bit w/around 35%ish dodge, Wis is 82 from memory so dc’s r just under the 120 mark on Dire.

    I also like having 111SR as a defence, but again that is 2 CC slots so would prob have to give this up for mists.

    I also dont think electric SP will help with Soul of the Elements Damage.



    “I also dont think electric SP will help with Soul of the Elements Damage.”

    I would have guessed the same but you never know, there are loads of bugs out there



    I’m currently experimenting with Scion of Air which adds Electric damage to my attacks. The damage scales with Magnetism Spellpower.

    I’ve done this for two reasons – Namely, using the Garstones Lenses as a more effective gear choice, and also as an alternative to Sneak Damage.

    There’s plenty of ways to tinker with this build to make it better, but for now, it’s fun to have and play with 🙂



    “I’m currently experimenting with Scion of Air…”

    Ahhh 🙂



    Nice idea with the Scion of Air, I do same for a ranged toon but with sonic, surprisingly nice damage and with your rate of attack worth it.



    Would Scion of Astral Plane be better for a centered monk? 8% doublestrike instead of the 2d20, could also free Tactician for something else. Makes gearing easier since you dont need Spell Power.



    Either is good, but say with an average damage of 20 per hit with the Psion of Air and 400 SP that is 100 damage more per hit, I believe this would equate to needing 1,250 damage before doublestrike on a hit, ie you would need to hit 12.5 times to guarantee an additional 1,250 damage @ 8% which is 12.5 hits of electric damage.
    This doesn’t factor in crit doublestrikes but 1,250 damage is quite high for a norm hit on a monk.
    This is why on a lot of toons if you have the spell power and these abils it can do more damage than say an additional 20 melee power.
    It’s a good way to utilise what would normally be a useless abil on a mists item which is Fur’s intention.

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