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    I have the impression a lot of guildmembers do not know what we have on the guildship, so I thought I would write a guide to the ship.

    On top of the ship we have what probably everyone is familiar with, the ship captain that will drop you off almost wherever you want, and the amenity bar, that will give you all the new guildship buffs in one go.

    On the first lower deck we have the heroic shroud crafting altars, so you can make heroic greensteel items without setting foot in heroic shroud. The only thing you need to go to Meridia for is to buy Eberron power cells to refine vale ingredients and make the base greensteel item / weapon you want.

    There is also a House Deneith vendor, so if you have the favour needed you can buy the special House Deneith arrows and ammunition here.

    And then there is a training dummy, if you want to test weapons.

    On the second lower level we have a Cannith Crafting hall, with a crafting vendor, so you can do all your crafting on the ship.

    On one side of the crafting hall there is a Kundarak bank, with mailbox and auction house NPC, and the guild vault. In the guild vault there are 2 chests that every guildmember can open. In one chest there are useful named and random loot, in the other there are crafting blanks with augment slots. All items in these chests are free for all guild members, if you find anything useful to you take it without asking.

    On the other side of the crafting hall there is a priest where you can bind, so you can resurrect on the ship if you die in a quest and have to recall.

    On the other end from the crafting hall there is arcane, divine and trapsmith vendors, so you can buy spell components and trapmaking ingredients. In a side room here are hireling vendors so you can buy hireling contracts.

    On lower deck three and four are guildbuffs, you do not really have to go here, you get the buffs from the amenity bar on top.

    In the cargo hold are various buffs. Most of these buffs are redundant, they have shorter duration and they do not stack with the buffs from the amenity bar. Only the elemental resist shrines are useful.

    Then there are the familliar auction house, tavern and bank, and I keep the epic altar, stone of change and device workstation here, so you can make old style epic items, rituals on items, and make traps.

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