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    Does anyone wants any free Xoriat arrows? I have thousands of the following and they’re driving me nuts now (now I know why it’s a Xoriat quiver) so I’m going to destroy them all unless someone wants them;

    +1 Xoriat Lawbane Arrows – Lawful Outsider Bane – ML:2
    +3 Xoriat Arrows – ML:4
    +3 Xoriat Cold Iron Arrows – ML:4
    +3 Xoriat Adamantine Arrows – ML:4
    +3 Xoriat Silver Arrows – ML:4
    +3 Xoriat Corrosive Arrows – Acid, ML:6
    +3 Xoriat Flaming Arrows – ML:6
    +3 Xoriat Frost Arrows – ML:6
    +3 Xoriat Shock Arrows – ML:6
    +3 Xoriat Anarchic Arrows – ML:8



    Are these not bound?
    I can collect them later if you keen to clear your inventory.




    Nope, they’re unbound. Thanks Molf

    I’ve been keeping an eye out for you but not seen you online since your post. Will keep checking 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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