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    People have asked for a trade thread on the forums, so here it is.

    I have made it supersticky, so it will always be on top and easy to find.

    List of all filigree in wiki:




    Updated 13-12-17

    Rare filigree I have for trade:

    Nystul’s mystical defence: Cold Absorb
    Nystul’s mystical defence: Constitution
    Zephyr: Intelligence
    Zephyr: Feather fall
    Trappers delight: Dexterity
    Trappers delight. Reflex
    Embraced by light: Turn undead
    The inevitable grave: Negative spellpower
    The beasts Mantle: Strenght
    The long shadow: Stealth
    Electrocution: Electric absorption
    Electrocution: PRR
    The enlightened step: Dexterity
    Spines of the manticore: Reflex
    The wreath of flame: Ranged power

    Rare filigrrrrrrreeeeeee I are alooking afore:

    The Long Shadow: Intelligence “+1 Intelligence” “+2 MRR”
    The Long Shadow: Melee Power “+3 Melee Power” “+2 Melee Power”
    The Long Shadow: Attack and Damage “+1 to hit and damage” “+2 PRR”

    Sucker Punch: Attack and Damage “+1 to hit and damage” “+2 PRR”
    Sucker Punch: Melee Power “+3 Melee Power” “+2 Melee Power”



    Suggest just listing them in here, no long conversations to trade:

    I am not too bothered about trading for those that don’t run these a lot, basically if you intend to use the below as a main Filligree and I won’t be using, you can have it.

    I have:

    To Hell and Back: Fire Absorb
    Purity: Heal Amp
    Purity: Wisx2
    Zephyr: MRR
    Vigilance: Wis
    Embraced by Light: Con
    Embraced by Light: Heal Amp
    Embraced by Light: LSP
    Cry of Battle: Con
    Blood Feast: MRR
    Zephyr: Dodge
    To Hell and Back: Spellpower
    Grandfathers Shield: Con
    Grandfathers Shield: PRR
    Treachery: Dex
    Sucker Punch: Str
    Twilights Cloak: Char
    Twilights Cloak: Int
    Enlightened Step: Dex
    Long Shadow: Dex
    Electrocution: SP
    Snakebite: DC of Poison
    Long Shadow: Att and dam
    Twilight Cloak: Dodge
    Vigilance: Fort
    Trappers Delight: Dex
    One against many: MP
    Molonys: Char
    Beasts Mantle: Rage

    Looking for (rare only):
    Ottos Power: Con

    Deadly Rain:
    Wis, PRR, RP, Dex, Crit Conf.

    Prowess: any but Conf Crit.



    Last updated on 03.01.2018.

    1xThe Beast’s Mantle: Rage (Rare)
    1xThe Beast’s Mantle: Ranged Power (Rare)
    2xThe Beast’s Mantle: Strength (Rare)
    1xThe Blood Feast: Dexterity (Rare)
    1xThe Blood Feast: Healing Amplification (Rare)
    1xThe Blood Feast: Melee Power (Rare)
    1xThe Blood Feast: Strength (Rare)
    1xThe Cry of Battle: Constitution (Rare)
    1xThe Cry of Battle: Will (Rare)
    1xCelerity: Intelligence (Rare)
    3xDeadly Rain: Reflex (Rare)
    1xElectrocution: Electric Absorption (Rare)
    1xElectrocution: Fortitude (Rare)
    1xElectrocution: MRR (Rare)
    1xElectrocution: PRR (Rare)
    2xEmbraced by Light: Charisma (Rare)
    1xEmbraced by Light: Healing Amplification (Rare)
    1xEmbraced by Light: Positive Spellpower (Rare)
    3xThe Enlightened Step: Constitution (Rare)
    2xThe Enlightened Step: Light Absorption (Rare)
    2xMelony’s Melody: Bard Songs (Rare)
    1xNystul’s Mystical Defense: Acid Absorption (Rare)
    1xNystul’s Mystical Defense: Will (Rare)
    2xOne Against Many: Dexterity (Rare)
    1xOtto’s Irrevocable Power: Spell Failure Reduction (Rare)
    1xThe Enlightened Step: Light Absorption (Rare)
    1xThe Inevitable Grave: Intelligence (Rare)
    2xThe Inevitable Grave: Negative Spell Power (Rare)
    1xThe Long Shadow: Intelligence (Rare)
    1xThe Long Shadow: Ranged Power (Rare)
    1xPurity: Fortitude (Rare)
    1xPurity: Positive Spellpower (Rare)
    1xSpines of the Manticore: Reflex (Rare)
    1xSpines of the Manticore: Strength (Rare)
    1xSnake Bite: Poison Protection (Rare)
    1xTouch of Grace: Charisma (Rare)
    1xTrapper’s Delight: Aletrness (Rare)
    1xTreachery: Threat Reduction (Rare)
    1x1xTwilight’s Cloak: Charisma (Rare)
    1xTwilight’s Cloak: Dexterity (Rare)
    2xTwilight’s Cloak: Intelligence (Rare)
    1x1xTwilight’s Cloak: Reflex (Rare)
    1xVigilance: Alertness (Rare)
    2xVigilance: Reflex (Rare)
    1xThe Wreath of Flame: Melee Power (Rare)
    1xZephyr: Dexterity (Rare)
    2xZephyr: Feather Fall (Rare)


    Main interest:

    Nothing at the moment.

    Secondary interest:

    1xDeadly Rain: Attack and Damage (Rare)
    1xThe Long Shadow: Attack and Damage (Rare)
    1xThe Long Shadow: Stealth (Rare)
    1xSpines of the Manticore: Ranged Power (Rare)
    1xSpines of the Manticore: Attack and Damage (Rare)
    1xOne Against Many: Critical Confirmation and Damage (Rare)
    1xOne Against Many: Melee Power (Rare)



    May I suggest we have a guildchest for filigreens, the common ones might be useful to some for sets and they seem to accumulate fast.

    Celerity: Dodge and Max
    Celerity: Int
    Electrocution: Fortitude
    Embraced By Light: Light SP
    Nystul’s Mystical Defense: Cold Abs
    Spine of the Manticore: Dex
    The Blood Feast: Dex
    The Enlightened Step: Strength
    The Inevitable Grave: Neg Heal Amp
    To Hell and Back: Con
    Trapper’s Delight: Reflex
    Treachery: Int
    The Long Shadow: Att/dmg
    Sucker Punch: MP
    Wreath of Flame: RP
    Grandfather: PRR
    Otto’s Power: Charisma

    Only looking for rare Prowess; all except dex and conf crit.



    I have:

    Purity: Fortitude(Rare)
    The Blood Feast: Healing Aplification(Rare)
    Sucker Punch: Strength(Rare)
    Twilight’s Cloak: Reflex(Rare)
    Vigilance: Alertness x2(Rare)
    The Wreath of Flame: Constitution(Rare)
    The Wreath of Flame: Fire Spellpower(Rare)
    Embraced By Light: Positive Spellpower(Rare)
    Embraced By Light: Healing Amplification(Rare)
    Embraced By Light: Wisdom(Rare)
    Nystul’s Mystical Defence: Constitution(Rare)
    Zephyr: Charisma X2(Rare)
    Zephyr: Dexterity(Rare)
    Melony’s Melody: Will(Rare)
    Otto’s Irrevocable Power: Charisma(Rare)
    Otto’s Irrevocable Power: Spell Failure Reduction(Rare)
    The Cry of Battle: PRR(Rare)
    Prowess: Critical Confirmation(Rare)

    I’m looking for:

    Spines of the Manticore: Attack and damage (Rare) x2
    Spines of the Manticore: Dexterity (Rare)
    Spines of the Manticore: Reflex (Rare)
    Spines of the Manticore: Ranged Power (Rare)



    My Rare List (last updated 19-01-2018):

    1x Deadly Rain: Reflex
    1x Embraced by Light: Light Spellpower
    1x Embraced by Light: Wisdom
    1x Enlightened Step: Wisdom
    1x Enlightened Step: Light Absorption
    1x Inevitable Grace: Negative Healing Amplification
    1x Melonys Melody: Intelligence
    1x Nystul’s Mystical Defense: Electric Absorb
    1x Nystul’s Mystical Defense: MRR
    1x Otto’s Irrevocable Power: MRR
    1x Otto’s Irrevocable Power: Spellpower
    1x One Against Many: Strength
    1x Purity: Positive Spellpower
    1x Purity: Healing Amplification
    2x Spines of the Manticore: Strength
    1x To Hell and Back: Charisma
    1x Trapper’s Delight: Alertness
    1x Trapper’s Delight: Trap Saving Throws
    1x Twilight’s Cloak: Stealth
    1x Zephyr: Charisma

    Rare’s I’m currently looking for:

    Prowess: To Hit / Damage
    Prowess: Crit Confirm
    Prowess: PRR
    Prowess: MRR

    Sucker Punch: Melee Power
    Sucker Punch: To Hit / Damage

    Shoot me a tell on Azraiyel, who’s currently hoarding all these, if your interested in any.

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