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    Hello Everyone,

    As i asked a few days ago i would like to post my gear plan for Domvik, please do not hesitate to tell your ideas, what should be used, or might you have a better suggestion for a different slots.
    The char will have minimum 140 intimi, 350 PRR, 350 AC and 2800+LGS% HP.
    My plan is:
    Head – LGS item for extra % HP
    Necky – LGS item for extra % HP
    Trinket – Symbol of the slave lords (TS, Insf con +8, Lesser displace)
    Cloak – Slave masters cloak (Insf false life +33, Prot +14, Spearblock VIII, Insf resistance +6)
    Belt – slave lord crafting (17 CHA, 14 resistance, 4 quality CHA)
    Ring – Band of insf commands (Prof bonus +2, insf accuracy +13, quality deadly +4, intimi +22)
    Gloves – cannith crafted (15 dex, 61 healing ampli, 7 INS DEX)
    Boots – Cerulean boots (PRR +46, Ins PRR +22, Prot +14, Parrying +8)
    Ring – slave lord crafting (185 forti, 185 devotion, 22 heal, 45 quality forti)
    Bracer – Arm of the Agressor (Nat armor +18, Insf incite +24, insf intimi +11, CON +18)
    Armor – Scales of Avarice (14, quality con +4, Vitality +60, quality PRR +11, Parrying +8)
    Goggles – Lenses of the Orator (Quality diplo +5, quality intimi +5, Insf CHA +8)

    For all not covered, but useful ability will use +8 diamond (WIS and STR), also +40 resists augments, Globe of True Imperial Blood for +1 exceptional abilites, blindness immunity and dw augments. What is missing and i dont have idea where can i fit in, is the MRR…
    Base stats was 18CHA, 17CON, 11 INT, rest on DEX
    Please tell if you have any suggestion or advice.
    Thanks in advance,



    Yep looks good. far better than my tank can hope for 😛



    Looks fine to me too



    It’s good as all end gear, but imo off optimal, you just need 1 more slavers for a 5 set and some items not really needed.

    Head: Hardended Hide
    Trinket: Slavers
    Armor: Leg Executioners – reason for this is that there is not much of the scales u cant easily get elsewhere and this armor will free up a ring slot as u wont need the Ins commands ring.
    Bracers: Don’t really need those listed, LGS instead
    Neckie: LGS
    Boots: Good as is, note no MRR item though!
    Cloak: Slavers nice as a filler
    Belt: SL +17 Con, Resist +14, +22 Intim, Qty PRR +11
    Ring: SL Fort, Spell Power Dev, +22 Balance, Qty Fort +45 or Char +4 all with slavers endurance for 5 set.
    Goggles: as is
    Gloves: as is
    Ring2: CC +15 Char, FL, Ins MRR

    Will lose a few points in Intim but will gain in other areas, would only craft the Slavers when you have reaper =3 PRR or MRR too.



    Thank you for the advice. I took Leg gear setup. Missing only boots (3 runs need for ingreds), and a blank slaver belt. Everything else is crafted, looted already. Looking forward to test this gear setup:-)



    Hi guys, I hope you’re doing well

    Imho you are a bit short on HP. You miss ghostly too (damage avoidance is really important…)

    On my tank (Wizard 11 / Pally 5 / Figther 4) I was using 4/5 LGS (cloak swap with mysterious cloak), 3 slavers set and cc to fill the remaining slots.

    Here is my setup (maybe a little outdated).
    It worked well on r10 slavers chain and, at that time, I had few reaper xp.

    Helm Legendary Hardened Hide (Insightful Fortification +92%, Quality Magical Sheltering +11, Natural Armor +17, Quality Constitution +4, Green Augment Slot, Slaves Endurance)

    Goggles LGS

    Armor Legendary Hardened Hide Armor (+14 Enhancement Bonus, Fortification +185%, Quality Fortification +45%, Healing Amplification: +18 Quality Bonus, Epic Nimbleness, Green Augment Slot, Mythic Armor Boost +4)

    Cloak LGS

    Trinket Legendary Planar Compass (Insightful Physical Sheltering +17, Quality Magical Sheltering +8, Ghostly, Insightful Fortitude Save +5, Green Augment Slot)

    Necklace LGS

    Bracers SC (Dexterity +17, Healing Lore, Heal +22, Quality Dexterity +4, Green Augment Slot)

    Belt CC (Dodge 15%, Insightful SR+25, Insightful Constitution +7, Green Augment Slot)

    Gloves LGS

    Ring CC (Charisma +15, Protection +12, Insightful Dexterity +7)

    Ring SC (Constitution +17, Devotion +185, Intimidate+22, Quality PRR +11, Slaves Endurance, Green Augment Slot)

    Boots LGS

    Weapon LGS Triple Positive (+150 enhancement positive, +50 healing amplification equipment, +70 healing amplification competence)

    Shield CC Heavy Celestial Shield (SR +51, Sheltering +38, Parrying +7, Blue Augment Slot)



    Why so many LGS items Grug?

    (sorry for the necro, I’m re-doing at my tank again)



    LGS for the Opposition set.

    Not quite sure how it adds up but something like
    seems if you atleast 1 T3 opposition item you get +2% hp for each additional opposition based effect you have.

    for the tank build Leg, Jan n Arnt are using the build plan there has 32/36%? hp from the opposition set?



    problem is the investment needed, 20k of codex shards for the 5 set, have to presume that if peeps are not gearing tanks down this route then they are looking for a quicker fix.
    ie. perhaps 2 LGS opp set with slavers and named for 2.5k -3k hp, not end end game but certainly good enough for a lot of reaper content.



    Yep, my problem, at that time, was hp.
    4-5k hp is a sweet spot for endgame. If you can reach that amount (i.e. with reaper tree) you can keep only 2 lgs.
    Apart from hp, material opposition lgs are junk…

    Furthermore, I was planning to use ender with death/lesser death aura to stack vulnerability. In my experience, death aura don’t proc ender.

    As a side note, if protection domain stays as it is, cleric 14 pally 5 wiz 1 will be a really good tank (radiant forcefield always up).



    I think the Vulnerability is broken on the enders set, I used a 1 hander LGS with Vulnerability on and used to get loads of stacks, when I switched to enders very few, I actually raised it s a bug report on standing stones site.

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