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    Since it’s so expensive to unslot sentient jewels and filigree, I’d really like to get people’s opinions on the best end game weapons to slot them on so I get it ‘right’ first time. In particular I’m interested in;

    Handwraps (Scraps of Enlightenment?) for my Monk
    Rapiers/Shortswords (Echo of the Sunsword?) for my Swashbuckler Bard

    but feel free to use this thread to discuss others

    Thanks in advance!



    I’m thinking the same. I am not going to put in fillithinghies until I have the weapon I want for it.

    Trying to lay my hands on an Epic bleeding edge khopesh for Dragavon now.

    Having said that I fully expect a new weapon will be introduced a few updates down the line that outshines most best-in-slot weapons we have now.



    I don’t think Scrap of Enlightenment are best handwraps. The Morninglord ones appear to be much better.



    In my opinion the morninglord weapons are not good general purpose weapons at all, I will not invest filigrees in mine.

    The holy damage is good alround, but there are too many mobs immune to fire, and undead bane is ofc limited to only undead. Morninglord weapons are good against undead that take damage from fire, but mediocre against too many monsters.



    The hadnwraps don’t have undead bane, they have coruscating instead. So when comparing to scraps of enlightenment, they do the same damage types (holy + light) plus the extra fire damage, so are better in every respect.

    I’ve not looked at the other morninglord weapons, so cannot comment on non-handwraps



    Morninglord do look slightly better on the d6 element damages, the weapon multipliers don’t really make up for difference.

    Kind of mute though as new raid handwraps and Necklace combo seem to be best by far, should get base multiplier to 8.5, with some nice abils.

    Just use the normal Filligree’s in either of these, save rares for Duality, would use new raid rapier for swash.



    Thanks all so far 🙂




    Ooh, sorry, errm, wrong classes 🙂



    Just my view as general purpose weapons:

    Any DC caster – Nightmother sceptre
    SORCS – raid club or quarterstaff
    TWF – Raid kopesh is king, as an offhand the hand axe from Raven’s Bane might be awesome in spite of TForge’s utility as an offhand (still testing).
    TWF assassin builds – raid daggers
    BOW users – raid bow or gs for DC para builds, raw dmg from the raid bow should outweight the Saphirre Sting even for non Ele arrow AA ranged users.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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