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    Seems Rekyar has been catching some attention and since the thread this build is from is no longer complete I’ll post my spelly arti build here with a cpl of possible alternatives for folks to consider if they fancy a useful arti themselves.

    17/2/1 Artificer/Monk/Sorcerer
    Lawful Neutral Halfling

    1. Artificer 6. Artificer 11. Artificer 16. Artificer
    2. Monk 7. Monk 12. Artificer 17. Artificer
    3. Artificer 8. Artificer 13. Artificer 18. Artificer
    4. Artificer 9. Sorcerer 14. Artificer 19. Artificer
    5. Artificer 10. Artificer 15. Artificer 20. Artificer

    36pt Tome
    —- —-
    Str 6 +4
    Dex 13 +4
    Con 17 +3
    Int 18 +4
    Wis 12
    Cha 8 +2
    All lvlups Int

    Spellcr 23
    Disable 23
    Open Lo 23
    Search 23
    Spot 23
    Balance 23
    UMD 23
    Heal 11
    Jump 4
    Tumble 1


    1 : Least Dragonmark: Healing
    2 Monk : Deflect Arrows
    3 : Spell Focus: Evocation
    5 Arti : Maximize Spell
    6 : Mental Toughness
    7 Monk : Dodge
    9 : Insightful Reflexes
    11 Arti : Empower Spell
    12 : Greater Spell Focus: Evocation
    15 : Improved Mental Toughness
    15 Arti : Quicken Spell
    18 : Toughness
    19 Arti : Enlarge Spell
    21 Epic : Epic Mental Toughness
    24 Epic : Intensify Spell
    26 Destiny: Epic Spell Power: Electricity
    27 Epic : Master of: Artifice
    28 Destiny: Hellball
    29 Destiny: Arcane Pulse
    30 Epic : Master of: Air
    30 Legend : Scion of: Plane of Fire


    1. Resist Energy, Ablative Armor, Conjure Bolts, Enchant Weapons, <Any>
    2. Admixture: Cure Moderate Wounds, Elemental Weapons, Lightning Sphere, Elemental Prod
    3. Adamantine Weapons, Admixture: Cure Serious Wounds, Blast Rod, Lightning Bolt
    4. Cold Iron Weapons, Lightning Motes, Armor of Speed, <Any>
    5. Align Weapons, Radiant Forcefield, <Any>
    6. Deadly Weapons, Tactical Detonation
    1. Jump, Merfolk’s Blessing

    Enhancements (76 of 80 AP)

    Arcanotechnician (37 AP)
    • Arcanotechnician, Palliative Admixture, Thaumaturgical Battery, Lightning Bolt
    1. Static Shock III, Energy of Creation III, Spell Critical, Wand and Scroll Mastery III
    2. Spell Critical, Shocking Vulnerability III
    3. Lightning Sphere III, Spell Critical, Intelligence
    4. Blast Rod III, Spell Critical, Intelligence

    Harper Agent (17 AP)
    • Agent of Good I
    1. Harper Enchantment, Traveler’s Toughness III, Awareness III
    2. Magical Endurance III
    3. Highly Skilled III, Intelligence

    Halfling (12 AP)
    • Halfling Luck
    1. Jorasco Dragonmark Focus III, Bold I
    2. Lesser Dragonmark of Healing, Heroic Companion III
    3. Greater Dragonmark of Healing

    Air Savant (9 AP)
    • Air Savant
    1. Shocking Grasp III, Spell Critical, Electrocution III

    Shintao (1 AP)
    • Bastion of Purity

    Destiny (24 AP)

    Draconic Incarnation
    1. Energy Sheath: Fire III, Intelligence
    2. Out with bang: Electricity III, Precise: Evocation I
    3. Dragon Heritage: Blue III
    4. Energy Burst: Electricity III, Spell Knowledge III
    5. Flyby Attack, Dragon Breath
    6. Energy Vortex: Electricity, Draconic Hunger

    Twists of Fate (15 fate points)
    1. Empyrean Magic (Tier 3 Crusader)
    2. Avenging light (Tier 1 Exalted)
    3. Rejuvenation Cocoon (Tier 1 Primal)
    4. Endless Faith (Tier 1 Exalted)

    Current endvalues look something like this selfbuffed:






    DD: 113
    OL: 74
    Search: 113
    Spellcraft: 115
    UMD: 57 (dont need an item)

    Elec spellpower
    Sustainable -> EVERYTHING!
    911 -> 1185

    Critchance: 51
    Critdmg 55 -> 75

    This build is basicly a one trick pony spamming elec spells if the mobs are immue to elec then its repeater out and occasional tactical detonation(I have 2 spells that dont do elec dmg…). The most important piece of equipment is my LGS elec crit multiplier gloves without those the damage is a lot less impressive.

    Playstyle: infinite heal wand and avenging light to keep Empyrean running.
    Lightning motes to give .15 elec vuln then spam blast rod sla and spell using lightning sphere/bolt/energy burst untill blast rods are off timer. Always be casting a spell(have 4 slas so not that sp expensive).

    Cons: hp, prr (you know me) 🙂
    Also DCs are rather meh DC ~63 Tactical det and breath/burst means that sometimes you can be very dissapointed when something saves and CC is unreliable. Fortunately the main spell spmam rotation dossen’t requre savingthrows. Blast Rod ftw!


    There are more dpsy versions of the build that have 6 Wiz lvls and get master of knowledge(I think) stacks for even more critpower.
    Though with a 13/6/1 or 12/5/3(Prob highest dps) Art/Wiz/Sorc you loose Deadly, probably Radient Forcefield and evasion. Those were priorities for me hence my lvl split.

    Hands down the best race wouldve been dragonborn but then yknow… dragonborn op…

    Hope this helps



    Hello Wishy.

    Nice to see a caster Arti that works in Epics.

    I ran all three of my Arti lives on Corazon as a caster (Heroic to 20 only) and had an absolute blast (pun intended)


    Many thanks Wishy. I TRd my Arti this evening and made him a Blue Dragon Dragonborn. I ate an XP stone and took the levels and feats you listed (mostly..I’m only level 18 now) and have a few questions about the enhancements. I took heighten instead of the healing dragonamrk as dragonborn dont have that option. It made sense given the amount of SLAs you use in the build.

    I was wondering why you don’t take any tier 5 enhancements from Arcanotech. It adds 3 to the Evocation DC, gives another electric SLA and also gives an extra 20 electric spellpower. So right now I have 43 points spent in this tree. I think the Motes might be a little too expensive at 6ap but the other enhancements seem to be well worth the 6 points. Opinion?

    The Dragonborn will give me another 30 electric and another AOE electric spell with the breath weapon. I have 18 in the tree and will probably spend the extra point to get the 3rd Evo point and maybe take the leap ability if I can afford it.

    I think that sacrificing the Harper tree in order to get my DCs higher might make sense given the addition of the dragonborn breath attack.

    Any and all feedback appreciated.



    I don’t believe Heighten will help you on SLA’s, think only for spells.


    Well…here is what the Wiki says and its why I took it. Lord knows that it wouldn’t be the first or last time the Wiki was wrong though.

    Advice: A Bard or Artificer can only cast up to six (6) spell levels, while a Ranger or Paladin can only cast up to four (4). It is generally not a good idea to take the Heighten Spell metamagic Feat with these classes. (Perhaps with exception of Arcanotechnicians heavily investing into SLAs.)



    Dont take the enh listed as absolute esp considering the planner sais I have only used 76/80 so there is likely a fiar diffeernce between that and reality.

    As for Heighten… I don’t know. The last arti feat is tricky to fill with anything useful. If hieghten does make an improvement to a cpl of important DCs then it is probably better than enlarge which only works on lightningbolt iirc.
    Though saying that either you take wont effect many spells, iirc the only spells that i care aabout the DC for are Tact det, lightning bolt, burst and breath and only one of those is improved by hieghten.

    I think the 15% elec vuln from lightning motes is worthwile i guess it kinda depends if you wand to spend 6 ap(yes that is alot now i think about it) or take the spell with its slot and sp cost.

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