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    Hello Swords

    Im starting to plan a Rogue life for Corazon.

    Im thinking SDK R20 Mechanic. I did consider 2 Arti splash for Rune Arms and Conjure Bolt but then remembered I binned all my rune arms after doing his 3rd Arti life.

    My question is about Flame Arrow.

    The description says that no component (bolt) is needed whwn using scrolls or wands.

    Is this definately working as intended as this will be my main source of bolts until I get my Deneith favor up.




    I used the wands with no problems on Thambar. But I would recommend crafting holy bolts, that 2d6 adds a lot more than you may think.

    And get a quiver of poison from gianthold. If you craft bolts and put into the quiver manually, ie not use the gather button on the quiver, you can put it in the shared bank, so if you have one on another character you can give it to your mech that way.



    Cheers for the info Dag.

    I did log on briefly earlier but forgot to check.

    Interesting info about the quiver. Im sure to have one somewhere.

    I never thought about crafting bolts so will look into that. I think I saw a “returning” enhancement in the Mech tree that will be of great use to save constant crafting.



    Yes, Fletching in Tier 4 gives you 80% returning.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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