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We are primarily a resource guild, a safe haven for people from all walks of life where most people have been friends for several years.

A guild for the more mature members of Stormreach (in age and/or attitude not necessarily experience!).

Recruitment: Due to the guild size limitations we are currently not recruiting, however we do consider new applications if they are referred by current members.

Most of our members live in Europe, with a few Americans, South Africans etc. We also have several couples in the guild.

Many of our members come from and still participate in DnD tabletop games and even live role playing games. So we don’t have lots of rules, our main emphasis is on fun and friends 🙂 The guild consists of a very big range of players, experience, playing times and interests.  We like to take new quests slowly and don’t spoil them for others. And we all help guild members out with useful items at all levels; items are stored on guild vault.

Leadership was passed down from Jane & Sean to Jan. Jan is from Sweden and runs this guild together with all of us.

The main focus is on fun, enjoying ourselves, and finding like-minded people so there is always someone to team up with if you are looking to do something. We run the administration, recruiting, events, raids, vault etc. all through the website. Anyone is welcome to create an event/raid on the forum and we encourage people to organise something they are interested in.

Playing Time

Most of our members play during the weekends and evening hours of the EU time zones.  We also have some Americans and others who play at odd times.  If you wish to have the most interaction with the rest of the guild, it is recommended that you can play during these EU time zone hours when most are online and most of the guild raids / quests are setup for.

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The IC concept of the guild

The Spellswords. So named because we seek to be well represented amongst all types of mercenaries. Wielding our diverse talents into a united whole, which oft means swords and magic intertwined as one. A group that welcomes mercenaries of almost any ilk. Our key concerns are to have members that can work together, get a job done and done well, and then enjoy an ale or glass of wine at the tavern after.

We aim to develop a reputation for excelling in whatever we do. And for getting the job done.

Our principal interest is wealth, we are mercenaries after all. But the jobs we undertake are carefully chosen. There is no point in bringing down the wrath of the coin lords, or any others in power, upon us. But once a contract is accepted, we will get the job done. We also look to trade in artifacts of a rare nature. Anything we find that is not of use to one of our own, we will look to trade to the highest bidder. And hope in time to set up auctions to this end. We do not welcome those so unbending as to be unwilling to accept our members performing certain less…savoury tasks. But nor do we expect anyone to do aught they are uncomfortable with. We will hire out our members to other groups. If you accept a contract on our behalf, then you must do all you can to fulfill it. At whatever cost. The rewards, over time, will always exceed the costs.

General rules

1. Obey any reasonable request from a superior ranking Spellsword:  We have officers and elders in the guild that play a variety of roles, some just administrative, others more active.  Suffice to say it is not something that will ever be abused, but when an order -is- given it should be obeyed.

2. Any item you find that is of no use to yourself, and you think might be of use to another Spellsword, you freely offer to them first. In return, you will be offered first choice on anything found that is of use to you, and coin will be shared as is needed.

3. We are loyal to each other above and beyond any other mortal ties that bind us. If you cannot swear to this, then do not join us.

4. Avoid death. At all costs. Death is not the final ending to a mercenary that it is to most common folk. But we seek to excel, to die is to have failed in that pursuit and to tarnish our reputation. How far you rise in the Spellswords will definitely be impacted by how many missions you can survive. Tactics, caution, and merging our talents into the most effective weapon we can be, this is our ideal.

5. Seek to excel. Be it the simplest of tasks, or the most challenging, we seek to come through with as little waste or harm to our fellows as possible. The surest way to be asked to leave our order is to gain a reputation for ineptitude, or undue haste.

6. ((ooc, do not “guide” if you have done a quest before. Take a step back, let someone else lead, and keep your input about what may be ahead to a minimum.)

Loot Rules

We have a vault that is open to every member of the guild.  See the Forums

You cannot request items for deconstruction or selling.

We do not encourage chest trading, and encourage a person to put something that is not of use to them up for a roll.

The standard guild roll is d20.

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